Walter, an inquisitive, self-reliant mouse has decided to move, determined to hang his hat in a new location. Realizing how difficult moving can be, he approaches his friends for their advise.

Snowflake, Bessie, Petunia and William are animals that live in and about the farm. Their opinions may not always prove to be the best. Walter does find himself in a precarious position with his arc enemy, the Cat. And then, when things are looking very bleak, he discovers that he has nowhere to go. The ending will surprise you.

Thru Linda’s imaginative poetry and stunning art, you will discover a determined mouse, his quirky friends and the problems that he encounters along the way.

A fun book to read if you’re moving, and a fun book to read if you’re not.


“Fiona the Dancing Flamingo”

Fiona, a baby flamingo loves to dance and her wish to become the perfect dancer comes true. She is bamboozled into accepting a pair of magic socks. When she puts them on, her freedom is gone, her choices disappear, and all she can do is dance. How can this story end well for Fiona?

Fiona, the Dancing Flamingo is a book with a unique blend of poetry and art that is sure to captivate readers of all ages. A heartwarming story that teaches children the importance of relying on their own strengths and character.

“Lost and Found with the Unlikely Three”

Mom’s keys have disappeared.  They are nowhere to be found.  The Unlikely Three, Dotie, the dog, Bartholomew, the turtle, and Walter the mouse embark on an adventure of discovery and intrigue.  Deciding to search the nearby meadow and lake, they encounter friends and foes.  An owl that is intent on eating Walter is very scareeee.  Does the Unlikely Three find the missing keys?  You must read the entire story.  On several pages, you can peek into the key holes that are provided to give young readers valuable clues.

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