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Bunny Browse

Bunny Browse


I went to a dinner party last night and was seated next to a person that was also a painter.  She told me that one of her biggest difficulties in getting started was choosing a subject.  That sometimes she would put off painting for days, sometimes weeks because she couldn’t think of what to paint.

When I was just a little girl, and painted the winning poster in a contest, I had selected rabbits.  Why?  I think my passion for animals is in my DNA.  As much a part of me as my passion for art.

For me painting what you love is important. I think if you are true to your passion and love, your creativity will simply flow.  I suggested to her that she sit down and list everything in her life that was a passion.  Was it flowers, scenery, still life, maybe portraits.  I will look forward to our next conversation and see what happened in her artistic life.