I am often asked, do I use a camera”?


Yes, I do!  And I have a lot of fun photographing a number of things, although for my art, I do use it to capture wildlife.

I don’t often run into a wild animal that is willing to pose for me.  A lot of my photographs are the tail end of the story,

jumping thru the underbrush or disappearing over the hill. I rarely get a photo of wildlife that is posed perfectly.

This is where I have to insert a rather important statement.  Know more than the camera.  *Underlined twice!

I have taken comparative anatomy workshops, sketched at the zoo, observed wildlife in their own habitat, studied,

taken classes, taken workshops and read. I feel very comfortable moving legs, adjusting ears and tails and creating



expression.  So, if I don’t get the exact photo, I can create my own pose.