My husband, John plays golf two or three times a month, and spends time working on lowering his handicap.  He takes private golf lessons, tries out new equipment, watches tv programs and practices his swing pattern.

Much in the same way, I try and improve my skills with art.

Last year, I gave myself the challenge of learning more about edges.  It was an exciting subject to pick.  And, I discovered some real treasure about the types of edges that can be used in a painting.

This year, I’m toying with the idea of spending some time with the study of highlights and shadows, and the patterns that they create.

“The Old Pot” was a painting that I did some years ago, but it is a good example to use.  I love the way the light swirls and playfully illuminates the quail, adding a lot of motion and interest to this painting.



The Old Pot

The Old Pot