Linda’s Letters 2015-10-30T20:49:02+00:00

I have often been asked, “do you use a camera!”Yep, I do!  And, I have  lot of fun

photographing a number of things, although for my art, I do use it

to capture wildlife.  I don’t often run into a wild animal that is willing to pose for me.  A lot of my

photographs are the tail end of the story, jumping thru the underbrush or just disappearing over

the hill.  I rarely get that perfect shot!  This is where I have to insert a rather important statement.

Know more than the camera!  Underline that statement twice in yellow.

I have taken comparative anatomy workshops, sketched at the zoo, observed wildlife in their own

habitat, visited with park rangers, taken workshops and read dozens or even hundreds of books and

magazines.  I feel very comfortable moving legs, adjusting ears and tails and creating expression.

So, If I don’t get that exact photo, I can create my own pose!